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Aligning the Sails: How Seriously Does Your School Take Holistic Education? | Global Take

Aligning the Sails: How Seriously Does Your School Take Holistic Education? | Global Take

Global Take | @Global_Take
March 4,  2021
Global Take

A holistic education model is one in which all aspects of the learner, including mind, body, and spirit, are important and that connections to their community, to the world, and to humanitarian values are critical. However, many schools continue to struggle to implement holistic education as a strategy, with many programs and services within a school operating as separate initiatives.

From an international school perspective, we are very curious as to how the model of holistic education can and should be applied within the framework of sports and activities. Do international schools support all aspects of their students’ education or are sports and activities still considered extracurricular? Is there enough time in the academic world to still educate students about teamwork and sportsmanship?

Our guests on this episode of Global Take include Dave Horner (Director of Student Life & Leadership, The International School of Belgrade), Scott Hibbard (Athletics Director, Dubai American Academy) Catherine “Kathy” Tanco Ong (Director for Student Activities, Brent International School Manilla). Hosted by Nick DeForest (Assistant Director of the Events Office, American International School Vienna).

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 0:58 Guest introductions
  • 2:21 Key guiding components of your athletics and activities programs
  • 8:16 Wellness will be at the center of our new normal
  • 11:10 Obstacles in aligning programs centered around the whole child
  • 20:47 What stakeholders do you work with to develop wellness programs?
  • 23:50 More details about the wellness hero program
  • 25:14 Acquiring “life skills” during a pandemic
  • 27:38 Final thoughts: aligning the sails

Global Take presented by SchoolRubric is a weekly show that brings together educators at international schools across the world. Each episode tackles an issue specific to international education - common themes include athletics, differences in culture, and the recruitment process in international schools.

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