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Amplifying Thinking Routines with Technology Tools | Debra Tannenbaum

Amplifying Thinking Routines with Technology Tools – Debra Tannenbaum

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What is a thinking routine and how can we amply its effect on student learning through the use of technology tools? Debra Tannenbaum, an Elementary school-based technology specialist in Virginia, USA provides an overview of thinking routines as well as several practical examples of how they can be applied in the classroom with students.

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  • 0:00 SchoolRubric Introduction
  • 0:43 About Me
  • 1:18 The Why Behind Teaching Routines
  • 3:10 Harvard Project Zero
  • 5:28 Padlet
  • 7:39 Pear Deck
  • 9:45 Flipgrid
  • 11:39 Slides and Draw
  • 13:45 Contact Debbie

Debbie Tannenbaum is an Elementary School Technology Specialist in Fairfax County, Virgina. An educator with over twenty years of experience, Debbie just completed her second year in this role, where she supports both staff and students to integrate technology tools into instruction through both co-teaching sessions and weekly technology classes.


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