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Experienced, Innovative, and Fun International School Director with a proven track record to turn schools around with Key Result Areas focused on Performance, Enrollment, Finance, Sustainability, and especially School Culture. Skilled in Public and Private Education, Accreditation, Governance, Nonprofit Organizations, International Curriculum, Athletics, STEAM, Mentorship, Professional Development, Diversity, Service and Action, Social Entrepreneurship, Communication, Technology Integration, and Spinning. Professional with strong work Ethic. Balanced lifestyle. Polyglot. Recipient of National Distinguished Principal Award from NAESP and the United States Department of State in 2015, and Recipient of Klingenstein Heads of School Program Fellowship in 2017 from Columbia University, New York City. Graduate of UCLA and Pepperdine University, Southern California. Third Culture Kid. Philosophy. Yin and Yang. Home is where the Heart is.

Assessment Policies That Impact Stu ...

"Assessment" and "student motivation" are not two phrases that may...

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