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Circling Back: Reflections on Leadership, STEM, and Physical Education | Office Hours

Circling Back: Reflections on Leadership, STEM, and Physical Education | Office Hours

Office Hours
February 23,  2021
Office Hours

After several engaging and diverse episodes of Office Hours focusing on 21st century leadership, greater engagement with girls in STEM, and fitness for the mind and body, many of our Office Hours regulars return in a reflections episode to give us their synthesis and feedback to the great conversations and tips that were provided by others.

Chey Cheney and Pawan Wander (The Staff Room Podcast), Charles Williams (The Counter Narrative Podcast), and Traci Browder (Intelligogy The Podcast) circle up again after splitting up Office Hours duties over the past few weeks for an insightful and reflective episode.

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  • 0:00 Office Hours Introduction
  • 0:40 Quick introductions
  • 6:27 Principals need to remember that they lead leaders
  • 12:33 Consider movement and unconventional tools to embrace fitness
  • 19:42 Be mindful of exclusive language to increase STEM participation among girls

Office Hours is a regular production and show that airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST. The Office Hours crew fields questions from educators from all over the world to discuss classroom practices, educational trends, and other pertinent and timely issues.


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