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Distilling Books with Socrates | Give and Take by Adam Grant

Distilling Books with Socrates | Give and Take by Adam Grant

Distilling Books With Socrates

What does Adam Grant mean when he talks about Givers, Takers, and Matchers – and more importantly, how can we use these concepts to improve our practices at schools? Claire Springer (SchoolRubric Director of Professional Learning) links up with Elizabeth Martin (Joyful Questioner, Socrates- Head of School) in another episode of “Distilling Books With Socrates” as they discuss Adam Grant’s popular book, Give and Take, and some key takeaways for educators.

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  • 0:00 Distilling Books With Socrates Introduction
  • 1:10 What are givers, takers, and matchers?
  • 3:45 Using the concept of “givers” to drive organizational practice
  • 7:21 Is credit zero-sum?
  • 9:17 Takeaways from Adam Grant’s Ted Talk
  • 12:05 Examples from your work as Dean of Teaching & Learning
  • 14:25 Is there a risk of “overgiving”?
  • 16:49 What “Joyful Questioner” mean?

Socrates - Head of School is a group of educators and industry leaders looking to transform professional development for teachers and administrators. We use the lens of questioning to generate thought provoking professional development through our Open Educational Resource as well as more comprehensive resources through our partnerships. We are distilling the books of thought leaders to curate the most meaningful ways we can move education forward so that children have more positive and productive learning experiences.


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