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Effective STEM Strategies in the Remote Classroom | Office Hours

Effective STEM Strategies in the Remote Classroom | Office Hours

Office Hours
March 9,  2021
Office Hours

In an increasingly technology-driven world, STEM education is important now more than ever. As educators, we have learned so much from using STEM remote learning strategies outside the classroom. This episode of Office Hours is proud to convene four STEM educator-practitioners who will share their takeaways from STEM remote learning strategies and what they believe the future of STEM looks like.

Panelists include Naomi Meredith (K-5 STEM Teacher, Co-Host, The Innovative Teacher Podcast), Chris Woods (High School Math Teacher, STEM Everyday Podcast Host), and Emine Sharma (STEM Teacher, Founder of Sprouting STEMs). Hosted by Spencer Sharp (Elementary STEM Teacher, Co-Host, The Innovative Teacher Podcast).

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  • 0:00 Office Hours Introduction
  • 1:05 Introductions
  • 4:10 Facilitating student engagement in STEM during remote learning
  • 10:33 Using chat and muting vs. unmuting
  • 16:00 Key takeaways from remote learning as we transition back to classrooms
  • 22:18 An early STEM failure and lessons learned
  • 24:25 Our remote STEM project share-outs

Office Hours is a regular production and show that airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST. The Office Hours crew fields questions from educators from all over the world to discuss classroom practices, educational trends, and other pertinent and timely issues.


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