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Encouraging More Engagement and Participation in STEM Among Girls | Office Hours

Encouraging More Engagement and Participation in STEM Among Girls | Office Hours

Office Hours
February 16,  2021
Office Hours

Despite widespread recognition that more engagement, outreach, and representation in STEM among girls are important societal and educational goals, STEM classes at nearly all levels continue to be largely dominated by boys. Where have school-based initiatives fallen short, and how can we intentionally work to engage more girls in STEM subjects?

In this episode of Office Hours we are joined by several STEM-experienced educators including Naomi Meredith (K-5 STEM Teacher, Co-Host, The Innovative Teacher Podcast), Chris Woods (High School Math Teacher, STEM Everyday Podcast Host), Becky Schnesker (Teacher, Development Specialist, Educator-Explorer). Hosted by Pawan Wander (Co-Host, The Staff Room Podcast).

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  • 0:00 Office Hours Introduction
  • 1:40 Introductions
  • 5:57 Encouraging more girls to participate in STEM at the Elementary level
  • 19:01 Gearing STEM products to traditional girl stereotypes
  • 28:13 Supporting girls to go for their passions and build confidence

Office Hours is a regular production and show that airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST. The Office Hours crew fields questions from educators from all over the world to discuss classroom practices, educational trends, and other pertinent and timely issues.


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