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Fitness for the Mind and Body: Supporting Growth for All Learners | Office Hours

Fitness for the Mind and Body: Supporting Growth for All Learners | Office Hours

Office Hours
February 9,  2021
Office Hours

Although there is a growing recognition of the importance of teaching across the curriculum, physical education and fitness are often given lower priority among other subjects. By viewing physical education from an inclusivity, wellness, and mental health perspective, how can educators better serve these students through this lens?

This episode of Office Hours is pleased to gather a truly global panel of educators consisting of Tara Martin (District Administrator, Author, Coach), Neise Abreu (Head of Physical Education, American School of Rio de Janeiro), and Nick DeForest (Assistant Director of the Events Office, AIS Vienna). Hosted by Chey Cheney (Middle School Physical Education Teacher, Co-Host of The Staff Room Podcast).

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  • 0:00 Office Hours Introduction
  • 0:53 Panelist introductions
  • 3:27 Supporting fitness and growth for all learners in an inclusive fashion
  • 10:08 Ensuring that access to fitness/wellness resources across all disciplines
  • 17:05 Benefits of “movement”
  • 20:00 Tips from our panelists
  • 25:30 Create an athletic activity: a floaty, a chair, a spoon

Office Hours is a regular production and show that airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST. The Office Hours crew fields questions from educators from all over the world to discuss classroom practices, educational trends, and other pertinent and timely issues.


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