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From Earning to Learning: Grade Reform Round Table

From Earning to Learning: Grade Reform Round Table

David Frangiosa | @DavidFrangiosa
September 25,  2021

From Earning to Learning is the podcast where Dave Frangiosa shares research backed philosophies, thoughts on student engagement and classroom tested techniques that can help move students towards learning.

This was such a great discussion. Some of the leading educators investigating and implementing alternate assessment methods share their views and advice for educators looking to change their grading practices. The panel includes:

Dave Schmittou

Johanna Brown

Aaron Blackwelder

Monte Syrie

Mike Szczepanik

Heather Brothers

David Frangiosa is a high school science teacher from Northern NJ and the co-author of Going Gradeless: Shifting the Focus to Student Learning, Corwin Press. Over the past six years, he has been performing action research on grade reform and the impact of various instructional approaches. He is a contributor to and


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