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Globetrottin ADs – S2E22 – LIVE Season Final – What A Year

Globetrottin ADs – S2E22 – LIVE Season Final – What A Year

Globetrottin' ADs
July 15,  2021

Nick and Matt try something new for their last episode of their second season as they recorded this podcast as a live stream on Facebook and YouTube. You can watch the video recording of this episode with the links below.

The season final is not only a look back on the episodes this season and the school year in general but also a glimpse forward into an uncertain future. Depending on where you were in the world your school year varied tremendously however, one thing was clear… It was not a normal year.

Nick and Matt are joined by 7 guests that were all a part of a previous episode. Each guest answers two questions about their year. First, they talk about a positive aspect of the year that they will take with them from now on. Second, they tell us what the hardest part of the school year was for them.

After the general question each have some specific questions that focus on the episode that they joined us for. Guests joined us from all over the world and at all times of day and we want to thank them for taking the time to talk with us again.

We were excited to have to following people join us for our first live episode;
Cassie Till  (ep 20 – Female Athlete Development)
Dave Horner (ep 14 GTAD Student Conference)
Lachlan Macgregor Craig Wislang  (ep 12 transitions)
Mike Deneef (ep 7 changing times)
Matt Lautenbach (ep 9 Virtual competitions)
Andy Harrison (ep 13 Changing Role)

Thank you to our two podcast sponsors Kukri Sports and Coach Evaluator. We look forward to having them back next season. Thank you also to School Rubric for their continued support of this podcast and all things Globetrottin.

You can watch the video records here on Facebook  and YouTube 

To connect with Matt & Nick and find out more:
Visit their website:
Email them:
Twitter: &

The Globetrottin' ADs is a global community of international school athletic directors, activity coordinators, coaches, teachers and friends. The podcast and website is hosted by Matt Fleming, AIS Budapest and Nick DeForest, AIS Vienna. The podcast was started in January of 2020, when the coronavirus was not even a blip on the radar, but expanded into online conferences and resources which brings community members from around the globe together to share, learn and grow.


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