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Globetrottin’ADs – S3E2 – AD Survey Results

Globetrottin’ADs – S3E2 – AD Survey Results

Globetrottin' ADs
September 5,  2021

In the spring of 2021 the second International AD ‘State of the Industry” survey was sent out and over 100 International School Athletic Directors took part. In this episode of the Globetrottin’ ADs that survey is explained and analyzed all while Nick and Matt are sitting together in center field of Vienna’s “Spenadlwiese”.

The surveys main objective was to hear what ADs around the world are concerned about and it will come as no surprise that this years survey was dominated with answered relating to COVID-19. Of course the same questions from the 2019 survey were asked so we were able to note the difference that two years can make. Nick and Matt discuss increase workload, job security, and finding qualified coaches but also wish lists and things that we would do if we had more time.

Getting back to normal and even having some sort of athletic season were the top concerns and thankfully for schools in Europe we are off to a good start however, that is not the case around the world. Nick and Matt recorded this episode after playing a day of slowpitch with teachers from AIS Budapest and AIS Vienna, something that did not happen last year because of COVID. We hope that this is a positive sign for the school year 2021/22 and that schools around the world will be able to compete in person again soon.

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The Globetrottin' ADs is a global community of international school athletic directors, activity coordinators, coaches, teachers and friends. The podcast and website is hosted by Matt Fleming, AIS Budapest and Nick DeForest, AIS Vienna. The podcast was started in January of 2020, when the coronavirus was not even a blip on the radar, but expanded into online conferences and resources which brings community members from around the globe together to share, learn and grow.


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