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Hopes and Dreams for International Schools | Global Take

Hopes and Dreams for International Schools | Global Take

Global Take | @Global_Take
April 29,  2021
Global Take

Since popping up more than 60 years ago, international schools have continued to grow and evolve. The number and size of international schools has exploded all while student populations have changed, staffing demands evolve and western education continues to develop at a rapid pace.

The panel talks about the journey ahead, what international schools will need to pack in their rucksack, what needs to be left behind and where that might lead us.

This week’s guests from around the globe include:

  • Ryan Harwood – Middle School Design Teacher, Blogger – Amman Jordan
  • Mike Johnston – FIS, Assistant Head of School – Frankfurt, Germany
  • Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini – ISL Head of Community Relations, Luxembourg
  • Jim Ellis (Middle School Teacher/Design Thinking Consultant, AIS Vienna)

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 3:00 Introductions
  • 7:12 What do we need to leave behind?
  • 17:08 What do we take with us into the future?
  • 22:31 What is the next, urgent development for our international school community?
  • 28:42 What dream do you have that is far away from being realized?
  • 32:30 School Spotlight: International School of Luxembourg

Global Take presented by SchoolRubric is a weekly show that brings together educators at international schools across the world. Each episode tackles an issue specific to international education - common themes include athletics, differences in culture, and the recruitment process in international schools.

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