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How To Hear My Voice – Heather Dean, Natalie B. Welcome, Amber Wagnon

How To Hear My Voice – Heather Dean, Natalie B. Welcome, Amber Wagnon

Wallace Ting | @TingWallace
October 21,  2020
EDx Talks

Heather Dean (Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, California State Unviersity), Natalie B. Welcome (Mathematics Instructor, Arizona State University), and Amber Wagnon (Assistant Professor of Secondary Education, Stephen F. Austin State University) jointly present on how to listen, dialogue, acknowledge, and take action on issues surrounding race and education. Elements of this presentation are highlights from the book “Hear My Voice: Tales of Trauma and Equity from Today’s Youth.”

Link to presentation:

  • 0:00 SchoolRubric Introduction
  • 0:14 Heather, Natalie and Amber Introductions
  • 1:45 Hear My Voice Book
  • 3:36 Objectives of Webinar
  • 4:38 Objective 1: Listen – Create an Inviting Space to Dialogue
  • 9:02 Listening for Understanding and Empathy
  • 10:46 Aim for Dialogue, not Debate
  • 11:37 Time to Reflect
  • 12:28 Objective 2: Acknowledge – Highlight Threats to Racial Tranquility
  • 14:48 Critical Race Theory
  • 17:06 Establishment of Ideology
  • 19:45 Manifestation of Racist Ideology
  • 26:47 Reaping Season, Not Cancel Culture
  • 29:24 Need for Ownership
  • 30:24 Objective 3: Action Steps
  • 32:23 Book and Podcasts Recommendations
  • 34:56 Media Recommendations
  • 36:49 Social Media Recommendations
  • 38:23 Contact Information

Dr. Wallace Ting is originally from Dallas, Texas and began his career in education as a public school mathematics teacher in Texas and New York City (as part of the NYC Teaching Fellows program). He has also worked in international education for a total of 10 years as a Principal, Deputy Director, and Director in Guatemala, Colombia, and Nigeria. Currently, Dr. Ting resides in Orlando, Florida with his young son, Phillip and enjoys playing tennis, camping, and hiking.


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