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Journeys to Belonging Episode 63: with guest Pawan (Pav) Wander

Journeys to Belonging Episode 63: with guest Pawan (Pav) Wander


Pawan (Pav) Wander is an elementary school teacher with 15 years of experience hailing from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Currently, she is teaching a Grade 6/7 split class, integrated with the Home School Program. Pav gratefully teaches in the same neighborhood where she grew up and went to school, and has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be able to work with students in such a familiar community.

Pav loves to teach Science and Math and enjoys combining the two subjects into extracurricular activities that she leads with students. Pav has run programs in Robotics, Engineering, and Coding at the schools where she has taught and has loved watching students, especially females, thrive in areas of STEM.

Thriving on listening to books and researching new pedagogies and themes in education, Pav loves learning about new ways of reaching and engaging with students, especially surrounding areas of podcasting, audio, and video editing, as these are areas she is new to!

Pav has an Honours degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University in Toronto and completed her teaching certification from D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York. Fitness and athletics have always been important to Pav, and she endeavors to include as much physical activity in her day as possible!

Ilene is a professional development specialist supporting teachers globally including refugee teachers. Prior to retiring in 2019, she was a teacher and administrator for 25 years. Her blog and upcoming book focus on the importance of feeling a sense of belonging. On her weekly podcast, Journeys to Belonging, Ilene chats with educators who share their experiences about feeling a sense of belonging.


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