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Knowing When You’re Ready: Making the Move to School Principal | Inside the Principal’s Office

Knowing When You’re Ready: Making the Move to School Principal | Inside the Principal’s Office

Inside the Principal's Office

Receiving your first appointment as a school principal is a tremendous honor – but these appointments typically are not a result of luck, but rather hard work and intention. How can aspiring principals prepare themselves for these leadership roles and when will they know if they are truly ready to become a school principal?

We are joined by two assistant principals, Dr. Basil Marin (Chamblee Charter High School) and Jessica Hawkins (Lake Dallas Elementary) alongside our two co-hosts Michael McWilliams (Principal Savannah Elementary) and Charles Williams (Principal, Plato Learning Academy) for this engaging conversation.

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  • 0:00 Inside the Principal’s Office Introduction
  • 2:38 Introductions
  • 7:07 Savannah Elementary Model PLC School
  • 10:40 Following the lead of your principal but also building your own leadership capacity
  • 19:50 Seeing the value that assistant principals bring and not boxing them in
  • 25:04 “Climbing the ladder” internally or seeking opportunities externally
  • 32:48 Ideas that Stick

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