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Leading With Culture, Community Building, and Relationships | Educators Without Borders

Leading With Culture, Community Building, and Relationships | Educators Without Borders

Educators Without Borders

As educators, our work is grounded in the development of the Whole Child, not simply academic learning areas. Whether a teacher or leader, we have a tremendous opportunity to positively influence the social-emotional development of the students in our care through fostering strong relationships and cultivating the development of character. What practical strategies offer opportunities for school teams – no matter your role – to lead with positive culture as a priority? How do we effectively build impactful relationships that connect our entire community around the purpose of supporting all students to reach their goals?

Educators Without Borders welcomes Krista Leh (Owner, Resonance Education Inc.), Dr. Diron Ford (High School Assistant Principal), and Mike Gilmour (Deputy Principal, Author “The Power of Rapport”). Hosted by Traci Browder (Elementary Educator, Consultant).

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 1:57 Guest introductions
  • 4:57 Linking the importance of relationships with student learning
  • 14:50 Strategies that successfully support effective relationship-building
  • 25:35 Elements that characterize positive school culture
  • 39:35 Practical strategies for leaders or teachers looking to improve relationships
  • 49:20 Elements of SEL that impact overall school culture

Educators Without Borders presented by SchoolRubric regularly convenes leading voices in education from across the globe to discuss the latest trends, news, stories, and insights in education.


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