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Lessons From COVID: Stanford Students’ Perspectives – The Tree Tutors Team

Lessons From COVID: Stanford Students’ Perspectives – The Tree Tutors Team

Tree Tutors
September 11,  2020
EDx Talks

When the pandemic shut down school campuses and forced students throughout the world to migrate to distance and virtual instruction, a group of Stanford students sprung to action by leveraging their university connections and entrepreneurial spirit to offer small group and individualized virtual tutoring sessions to high school students. In a group presentation at SchoolRubric’s live professional development session held on July 11, 2020, the Tree Tutors team shares the story behind their company’s formation, lessons learned, and how they can play a part in offering solutions to newfound educational challenges. For more information, please visit

Link to presentation:

  • 0:00 SchoolRubric Introduction
  • 0:41 Tree Tutors introduction
  • 2:40 Where we’re from
  • 3:30 Our motivation
  • 4:39 What we’ve realized
  • 11:50 How we can fix it
  • 20:00 To learn more about Tree Tutors

Stanford students have come together to offer online tutoring for College Prep, SAT/ACTs, and every high school course. While for many high school students this time can feel like education lost, with us, it's an opportunity to thrive.


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