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Mindful Living with Athea Davis Ep. 106: Balance, Boundaries, and Breaks with Evan Whitehead

Mindful Living with Athea Davis Ep. 106: Balance, Boundaries, and Breaks with Evan Whitehead

Athea Davis | @atheadavis
August 5,  2021

Happy Day, Friend!

On this week’s podcast episode, I’m talking about boundaries and mental health and well-being.

I absolutely loved my conversation with my special guest, Even Whitehead. He’s got a great 3-part framework – Balance, Boundaries, and Breaks – to help you break unhealthy mental and emotional patterns that drain your energy, and instead, cultivate mental and emotional well-being to sustain and optimize daily energy, ultimately creating a more joyful YOU!

Evan Whitehead has been an educator for more than 20 years spanning three decades in private, public, and state level education. Over the course of his career, he has held positions ranging from special education paraprofessional and teacher, community outreach coordinator, director and assistant superintendent of special services.

Currently, Evan is the director of special services for a PK–8 school district in Illinois. In his current role, Evan oversees special education, English learners, early childhood education, multi-tiered system of support (MTSS); social emotional learning, equity, diversity, and cultural competency.

Evan is also National Consultant, Trainer, Presenter with Dr. Ruby K. Payne’s aha! Process, Inc., Speaker; Frequent Podcast Contributor; Mental Health Advocate; Mindfulness Practitioner; and proponent of Equity, Diversity and Intercultural competency. Evan’s 3Bs” Balance, Boundaries, and Breaks” (#BalanceBoundariesandBreaks) promotes a lifestyle and self -advocacy in the areas of mental health, mindset, self-care, and well-being.

Evan and I talk about:

  • his extensive background in education and how that has influenced

Athea is a mindfulness educator, author, and podcaster helping students, educators, parents, & leaders de-stress for success.

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