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Mindful Living with Athea Davis Ep. 109: Finding Your Internal Home with Stacy Bahrenfuss

Mindful Living with Athea Davis Ep. 109: Finding Your Internal Home with Stacy Bahrenfuss

Athea Davis | @atheadavis
August 28,  2021

Happy Day, Friend!

On this week’s podcast episode, I’m talking about how we can strengthen our inner state so we can cultivate the joy and success we desire in our life.

I enjoyed my conversation with entrepreneur and visionary intuitive, Stacy Bahrenfuss.

Stacy is the founder of The Truth Teachers and works privately consulting 7 and 8 figure women leaders. After over a decade helping buyers find their external home in real estate, now Stacy guides women leaders to their internal home, leading them to activate all of their power, accelerating their success personally and professionally.

Her Certified Consultants, The Truth Teachers are on a mission to revolutionize the transformation process and smash the shackles of suffering. Stacy believes that illuminating the truth, addressing subconscious suffering at the root, combined with the program’s exclusive approach, is the fast track to success centered on freedom and fulfillment.

Stacy and I talk about:

~ understanding how your inner state is the key to joy and success;

~ leading from a clear inner state;

~ what it means to find your internal home;

~ why connection is important to fulfillment;

~ and so much more!

It was such a great conversation. I hope you gain a lot of value from it, and hope it inspires you to find your internal home and begin leading in life and vocation with more clarity and fulfillment.

If you enjoyed this episode, please share with a friend or family member so they too can be inspired to find their internal home and get the clarity and fulfillment they are seeking – personal or professionally.

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Keep breathing deep and shining bright, Friend!

Athea is a mindfulness educator, author, and podcaster helping students, educators, parents, & leaders de-stress for success.

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