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Mindful Living with Athea Davis Ep. 111: Self-Care for Teachers with the Creators of the JabuMind App

Mindful Living with Athea Davis Ep. 111: Self-Care for Teachers with the Creators of the JabuMind App

Athea Davis | @atheadavis
September 18,  2021

Happy Day, Friend!

On this week’s podcast episode, I’m talking about self-care for teachers and the new app that helps them prioritize it, and makes it accessible anytime, anywhere.

I enjoyed my conversation with the co-founders of the JabuMind App – Jill Manly, Ann Rankowitz, and Carolyn Grabiel.

The Jabu Mind Team are a passionate group of teachers, coaches, artists, school principals, and mental health clinicians who share a common goal of creating a safer, stronger, and more supportive classroom experience for both teachers and students.

Their mission is to support teachers in their own social and emotional growth so they, in turn, can help their students and school communities.

Their solution is to provide an app that will help teachers connect to their innate wisdom and strengths. The Jabu Mind Team believes this will fortify their well-being and, therefore, their confidence in supporting not only students but also school communities in SEL (social and emotional learning).

Jill, Ann, Carolyn and I talk about:

~ how they came together to create and co-found the JabuMind App;

~ why they chose iRest as a foundational method of practice to their app offerings;

~ why self-care for teachers is more important now than any other time in history;

~ how teachers and schools can bring compassion, self-love, reflection, and in-depth discussions of well-being back into the classroom;

~ and so much more!

It was such a great conversation. I hope you gain a lot of value from it, and hope it inspires you to download the app and start connecting to your self-care needs anytime, anywhere.

If you enjoyed this episode, please share with a friend or family member so they too can easily connect to a mindful moment of inner rejuvenation through the app.

To connect with the Jabu Mind Team, click the links below.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or comments: connect with me on social media @atheadavis!

Athea is a mindfulness educator, author, and podcaster helping students, educators, parents, & leaders de-stress for success.

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