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Schools of the Future – Betsy and Chuck Suits

Schools of the Future – Betsy and Chuck Suits

Betsy Suits
September 5,  2020
EDx Talks

With three decades of experience as teachers and administrators in the Untied States and internationally, Betsy and Chuck Suits use their past to envision what schools in the future will look like. This session was part of SchoolRubric’s live professional development webinar series held on August 29, 2020.

Link to presentation:

  • 0:00 SchoolRubric introduction
  • 0:41 Meet Betsy and Chuck
  • 1:19 The key issues 1:58
  • How will school spaces change?
  • 2:30 21st century classroom example
  • 5:38 Assessment – how do we show learning?
  • 6:15 How can we individualize assessments?
  • 6:48 Guide by the side, sage on the stage
  • 10:00 What resources will students need in the future?
  • 12:25 Mindfulness in the classroom

I have been fortunate to work in schools in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Over the years, I have been a School Head, Principal, Curriculum Coordinator, Reading Specialist, Head of Learning Support, and a Classroom Teacher. I have published numerous articles, stories, and an award-winning science game. Currently, I reside in Laos.


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