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STEM Everyday #200 | STEM Leads the Way | feat. Katie Jamieson

STEM Everyday #200 | STEM Leads the Way | feat. Katie Jamieson

STEM Everyday | @dailystem
June 17,  2021

STEM Meets the Challenge of the Pandemic was created by STEM Leads The Way to help students learn about the ways  STEM professionals are helping lead forward in the pandemic.

Through virtual experiences, this effort brings forward ways that STEM professionals and the companies they work at—in Minnesota and throughout the world—are using science, engineering, technology, and mathematics to find innovative and cutting-edge solutions to the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the Career videos:

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Chris Woods is the host of the STEM Everyday Podcast… Connect with him:

My name is Chris Woods, and I started “DailySTEM” to provide educators and families with simple STEM resources that connect the real world to learning. Our kids need to see that STEM is all around us…in the backyard, at the store, in our homes, on TV and movies, in the news… everywhere!


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