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STEM Everyday #203 | The 2021 Heart of STEM Teacher Summit Preview | feat. Carly & Adam

STEM Everyday #203 | The 2021 Heart of STEM Teacher Summit Preview | feat. Carly & Adam

STEM Everyday | @dailystem
July 19,  2021

Carly & Adam love helping educators teach STEM better together. Their STEM Teacher’s Club Facebook group has become a destination for sharing questions, ideas, & resources to help educators, especially elementary educators, be better STEM educators.

Their Heart of STEM Teacher Summit is planned for June 21-23, 2021…Join thousands of educators worldwide and discover the fascinating connections of STEAM, Kindness, Real World Problems, and SEL!

18 Hours of Professional DevelopmentAccess to Online Community of 1,000+ teachers for collaborationDownloadable STEM Activities from Carly and AdamGiveaways from Sponsors and Carly and AdamCan’t make it live? No worries…You get access to all sessions, materials, and content for 1 year to watch or rewatch in your own time.

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Connect with Learn about the STEM Teacher’s Club:

Website stemteachersclub.comFacebook ElementarySTEMTeachersClub

Chris Woods is the host of the STEM Everyday Podcast… Connect with him:

Website dailystem.comTwitter @dailystemInstagram @dailystemYouTubeGet Chris’s book Daily STEM on Amazon

My name is Chris Woods, and I started “DailySTEM” to provide educators and families with simple STEM resources that connect the real world to learning. Our kids need to see that STEM is all around us…in the backyard, at the store, in our homes, on TV and movies, in the news… everywhere!


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