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Supporting Assessment & Grading For All Learning Environments | Educators Without Borders

Supporting Assessment & Grading For All Learning Environments | Educators Without Borders

Educators Without Borders

How can educators align learning and classroom practices to support a rigorous, equitable, and aligned assessment and grading framework? How do these learning and classroom practices change and evolve in the context of virtual, hybrid, and in-person instruction?

Educators Without Borders welcomes a diverse panel consisting of Dr. VaShawn Smith (Principal, Grandview Middle School), Lindsay Prendergast (NWEA Consultant, Former Principal), Brad Latzke (Former International School Leader, Consultant), and Ken O’Connor (Consultant and author, Assess for Success Consulting inc.)

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Opening
  • 0:49 Introductions
  • 5:28 Advice, resources, or strategies for teachers new to non-traditional grading practices
  • 10:39 Assuring equitable assessment and grading for students who may think and learn differently
  • 16:30 Getting students to do work [learning] that is not directly tied to grades
  • 20:11 Guidance for educators who must use a district or school-approved gradebook
  • 25:17 Practical tips for divisions or districts to make the shift from grading back to learning
  • 30:19 Practices in assessment and grading that bridge the pandemic
  • 33:05 Tips for parents to understand these shifts
  • 36:16 How to use assessment as we go and come through the pandemic

Educators Without Borders presented by SchoolRubric regularly convenes leading voices in education from across the globe to discuss the latest trends, news, stories, and insights in education.


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