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Teacher Saves World E43: Heart & Soul Interview: Ryan Sagare

Teacher Saves World E43: Heart & Soul Interview: Ryan Sagare


Laurie & Matt continue to gather data on the heart & soul of a teacher, this time collecting choice insights from Ryan Sagare (pronounced SAY-GAR, like if you were drunk and tried to say “Sammy Hagar” and it just slurred together). Laurie & Matt got to know Ryan through School Rubric, the international education website Ryan co-founded. Matt affectionately refers to Ryan and Wallace, another School Rubric co-founder, as the “School Rubric Dudes.”

Now based in Austin, Texas where he works as the Coordinator for Distance Learning at the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas, Ryan traces his educational path from the Pacific Northwest, to the Midwest, to South America, and eventually the Lone Star State. He informs of us how his mother forced him into his first teaching job at age fourteen, which sparked a journey that would include some questionable outdoor education, luxurious digs in Brazil, and an embracing of online learning. Ryan shares his belief that passion burns in the heart & soul of all great teachers, along with how he married the Girl from (almost) Ipanema.

To connect with Ryan:

Matt’s interview with School Rubric (Wallace interviewed, Ryan ran tech):

We started Teacher Saves World! to unite teachers and parents in saving the world, one teenager at a time. We're high school teachers and parents of two teens ourselves, so while we love the little ones, that turbulent time between childhood and adulthood is our wheelhouse. We also think high school is four of the most important years in a person's life, and each teen needs an army of caring adults that are dedicated to making sure they're ready to thrive in adulthood. We're taking an Avengers approach: We need everybody to pitch in! We're all superheroes when we care about helping teenagers grow up into confident and capable adults.


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