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The Counter Narrative Podcast Season 4, Episode 10: Interview with Traci Nicole Smith

The Counter Narrative Podcast Season 4, Episode 10: Interview with Traci Nicole Smith

Charles Williams | @_cwconsulting
October 31,  2021

Welcome to the Counter Narrative Podcast, a show designed to change the way we talk, and think, about education. By sharing stories of successes and triumphs, we aim to challenge the dominant narrative that often negatively portrays our disenfranchised populations.

I’m your host, Charles Williams. An urban educator for more than 15 years, a current school principal in Chicago, an educational consultant, an equity advocate, and the co-host of Inside The Principal’s Office.

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Traci Nicole Smith, a current college instructor, former public-school teacher, instructional coach, and Director of Special Education who has transformed the lives of countless families for over two decades through her educational expertise and intuitive wisdom.  In 2020, she created The Institute For Conscious-Driven Living to assist individuals in helping/healing professions learn how to identify triggers, heal core wounds, balance energies, and elevate their vibrations. Rather than react, Traci teaches others how to use external triggers as an avenue for deep inner healing to live a more liberated and authentic life. She resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is a nationally recognized city known for its school reforms in public education yet is still struggling with its own issues.

During our episode, Traci dropped plenty of truth bombs and did not hold back. In fact, if you’re listening to this in your car, I want to warn you that much of what she says may result in you wanting to stand up and applaud. For obvious reasons, I ask that you refrain from doing so. If you, however, are listening to this in a public place, feel free to do so and then direct those who are staring at you to this episode. I’m sure they’ll thank you later. Our focus for this episode was the toxic positivity that infiltrates teacher spaces and does much more harm than good. Traci wastes no time attacking those ideologies and behaviors that we have come to accept as normal but then question why we are tired, unhappy, and struggling. Take a listen and then find a way to make your own joy.

Contact Traci:

Twitter: @theedepistolary

IG: tracinicolesmith

FB: Traci Nicole Smith

LinkedIn:  Traci Nicole Smith, Ph.D


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Charles Williams has served in urban education for 15 years as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal while working with students in grades PK - 12. He has developed innovative programs and structures that have resulted in successful schools in both Indiana and Illinois. He has also presented and spoken at numerous events. Charles is the founder of CW Consulting, an Educational Consulting Group, the host of the Counter Narrative Podcast, and the host of Real Educators Talk, a monthly discussion designed to engage educators in authentic conversations around education.


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