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Tips for Landing Your First or Next International Teaching Job | Global Take

Tips for Landing Your First or Next International Teaching Job | Global Take

Global Take | @Global_Take
April 15,  2021
Global Take

Getting your first international teaching job or moving to the next teaching position is a life-altering experience. This week we explore tips for getting your first or next international teaching job from educators who have “been there and done that” many times.

This week’s guests from around the globe include:

  • Cristiana Jurgensen, Head of Programming for Diversity and Inclusion at Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP) – Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • Jeff Shirk, Principal at American School of Recife – Recife, Brazil
  • Chris Mott, Athletic Director, International School Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ryan Sagare, Co-founder of SchoolRubric – Austin, Texas, USA

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 2:03 Guest introductions
  • 5:37 Resources to find an international teaching job
  • 9:01 What are international school administrator looking for in a candidate?
  • 17:07 Characteristics of successful international educators
  • 22:00 Do all international schools offer the same contract and benefits?
  • 27:15 Taking culture, climate, and location into consideration
  • 31:28 School Spotlight: Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools

Global Take presented by SchoolRubric is a weekly show that brings together educators at international schools across the world. Each episode tackles an issue specific to international education - common themes include athletics, differences in culture, and the recruitment process in international schools.

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