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Transgender Athletes in International Schools: How to Support and Include All Students | Global Take

Transgender Athletes in International Schools: How to Support and Include All Students | Global Take

Global Take | @Global_Take
July 22,  2021
Global Take

In this episode of Global Take we will again talk about a worldwide issue but in the context of international schools. The inclusion of transgender athletes in high school, university and professional sports has divided people for years and with more and more students transitioning many international school athlete conferences are adopting policies which insure that all students have the ability to participate. The panel will discuss issues surrounding those policies, the effect of the mainstream media, and more on this episode of Global Take.

Please join Laura Davies (Athletics Director, Lanna International School), Shelley Wowchuk (Director of Athletics and Activities, KIS International School) and Shawn Jeffrey (Director of Athletics and Activities, International School Curitiba). Hosted by Nick DeForest (Assistant Director of the Events Office, American International School Vienna).

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  • 0:00 Global Take Introduction
  • 2:16 Guest introductions
  • 4:15 What experience do you have with trans athletes?
  • 7:25 What steps should we take in creating inclusive policies?
  • 16:38 How can we be sensitive to the different cultural beliefs?
  • 22:13 Challenges starting conversations about transgender athletes
  • 27:30 Travel concerns with transgender athletes
  • 29:07 What impact does the American media narrative have on decisions made?
  • 35:55 School Spotlight: International School of Curitiba, Brazil
  • 40:55 Final takeaways

Global Take presented by SchoolRubric is a weekly show that brings together educators at international schools across the world. Each episode tackles an issue specific to international education - common themes include athletics, differences in culture, and the recruitment process in international schools.

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