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Unprofessional Development EP 64: DAWN HARRIS, PLAN LIKE A PIRATE

Unprofessional Development EP 64: DAWN HARRIS, PLAN LIKE A PIRATE


We invite fellow educator, author, and pirate Dawn Harris for a conversation/ shanty.  We discuss how to plan like a pirate, what an educhat looks like, which Muppet would win in a fight, and how to deal with a haunted classroom…

Check out her website, Education Undone, for more information on her book, PD’s, and Educhats.

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Tudisco an English teacher and Mealey a Math teacher have a podcast called Unprofessional Development. They interview people from the world of education and have a good time doing it. They have the kind of conversations that take place in the workroom, the bar room or the coffee house. Swapping stories and educational philosophies with both sincerity and snark. When you are with them you feel like you are hanging out with your teacher friends laughing and learning about this crazy profession we have in which it is okay to be unprofessional sometimes.

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