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Why Should Students Be Content Creators? | Office Hours

Why Should Students Be Content Creators? | Office Hours

Office Hours
November 29,  2020
Office Hours

How can we start the shift from consumption to creation as educators and in the activities we plan with our students? What are the benefits of approaching learning through a creation mindset and how do we identify the appropriate tools, resources, and methodology for children of all ages? Join podcasters and educators Chey Cheney and Pav Wander (The Staff Room Podcast), Traci Browder (Intelligogy), and Samantha Fecich (EduMagic) as they field questions from educators around the world on this important topic.

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Introduction
  • 0:40 Introductions and Welcome
  • 2:22 What is the Role that Creating Plays?
  • 10:50 How do we Start Creating in our Classroom
  • 26:19 Creating Student Ownership
  • 32:17 Wrapping Up

Office Hours is a regular production and show that airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST. The Office Hours crew fields questions from educators from all over the world to discuss classroom practices, educational trends, and other pertinent and timely issues.


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